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Often thought to be normal household issues, bathtub rings, tile scum, spots on dishes, and damage to dishwashers are a few symptoms of hard water. If you have hard water flowing in through your pipes, they are more likely to clog and not work properly. Set up a consultation with one of our professionals at Jerm’s Plumbing & Heating, and they can explain the benefits of installing a water softener system in your home.

Contact us to set up a consultation so we can go over some options for the best water filtration system for your home. If you already have an Upper Valley water softener installed in your home and have any problems, give us a call and one of our Upper Valley plumbers can quickly resolve any problems you are having with it. 

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At Jerm's Plumbing & Heating, we don't just settle for "average" or "par". In everything we do, we want to exceed your expectations. Fair pricing? Check. Honesty and integrity. Check check. Walk your dog? Check! Ok, maybe we won't walk your dog. But we will work our tails off to take care of you.

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